Green eDIH and BetterQA, a partnership to strengthen quality and sustainability in digital technologies

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Bucharest, Romania – Green eDIH and BetterQA announce the signing of a strategic partnership, an important step towards ensuring quality and sustainability in the digital transformation of industries.

In the booming digital age, quality assurance in digital transformation processes is becoming more important than ever in any industry. Quality is the basis on which every aspect of this transformation is built, from the development and implementation of the most advanced technologies, to the interaction with customers and business partners.

In the context of the services offered by Green eDIH to its partners, special attention is paid to quality assurance, which not only minimizes the risks and costs associated with subsequent errors or failures, but also ensures a smooth and efficient transition to a sustainable digital future. At the same time, BetterQA is currently a leader in the field of software testing, recognized for its high quality standards and commitment to customers, for its team skills and approach oriented towards building long-term relationships.

Among BetterQA’s outstanding achievements is its recent approval as an official service provider by the NATO Communications and Information Agency, a significant step towards global recognition and adherence to the highest quality assurance standards in software development. This achievement underscores BetterQA’s commitment to superior quality assurance services and its ability to meet the rigorous requirements of international projects.

“In a constantly changing digital world, quality and reliability are key elements for the success of organizations. Through this partnership with BetterQA, we strengthen our commitment to our partners and ensure that the innovative digital solutions we offer meet high standards of performance and security”, said Gabriel MUNTEANU, Green eDIH Governor.

“In an era of rapid digital transformation, it is essential not only to innovate, but to ensure that the innovations we bring are reliable and of high quality. Our partnership with Green eDIH is a strategic step towards integrating quality assurance directly into the fabric of digital projects from the outset, not only to minimize risks, but also to enhance sustainability in technology development. At BetterQA, our commitment to excellence is unwavering and we are excited to contribute our expertise to create reliable and sustainable digital solutions that stand the test of time,” added Tudor Brad, Managing Director of BetterQA.

The services offered by BetterQA, such as risk management, test strategy and defect management, are fundamental in guaranteeing the quality and performance of software products. The partnership between Green, DIH and BetterQA will require companies engaged in digital transformation processes to have the correct operation, security and reliability of the most innovative solutions, in any industry. Thus, by integrating BetterQA’s expertise into our ecosystem, we aim to provide our customers with reliable and sustainable digital solutions.


About BetterQA

BetterQA is a company specialized exclusively in software testing, based in Cluj-Napoca. Founded in 2018, BetterQA provides high-quality testing services in various fields, including medical software, fin-tech, Internet of Things and cloud migration. The BetterQA team is dedicated to ensuring the quality and reliability of software products, contributing to the success of its customers.

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