Green eDIH and ETI PC announce a partnership to support children’s digital education

Misiunea Apollo 13, lansată în aprilie 1970, s-a transformat imediat într-o luptă pentru supraviețuire.  Rezervoarele de oxigen au explodat, urmând faimoasa misiune de salvare. Lumea întreagă își ținea respirația, în timp ce de la o distanță de 200.000 de mile se căutau soluții pentru problemele tehnice. Inginerii și astronauții au lucrat împreună pentru a-și da seama cum să manevreze și să navigheze o navă spațială grav avariată, să găsească modalități inovatoare de conservare a energiei, oxigenului și apei și, în cele din urmă, să descopere cum să repornească un modul de comandă care nu fusese proiectat pentru a fi oprit în spațiu.

It is crucial to ensure that all children, regardless of their socio-economic background, have access to the equipment they need to develop their digital skills. In underprivileged communities, this equipment can often be the difference between having access to education and future opportunities. Moreover, the availability of computers, laptops and tablets in these communities allows children to explore their potential in the ever-evolving digital world, a first step to becoming tomorrow’s innovators.

Today, we are happy to announce the partnership between Green Digital Innovation HUB (Green eDIH) and ETI PC , an association that has already helped thousands of children from disadvantaged backgrounds through IT equipment donations. We thus consolidate our common commitment to the digital inclusion of children in Romania. We admire the mission undertaken by the ETI PC Association to provide children and young people with essential educational and vocational resources, while reducing pressure on the environment by reusing IT equipment and extending its life.

To support their efforts, Green eDIH is launching a donation drive to ETI PC today. We urge you to join this initiative and make a difference in a child’s life. A computer or tablet can be the gateway to education and a chance at a better future. Also, components such as RAM DDR 3, RAM DDR4, SSD M2, SSD MSATA, SSD NUVE, processors of at least 6th generation and ATX power supplies 550 watts minimum are welcome. ETI PC volunteers will use them to repair and refurbish the collected equipment, which will end up in schools, kindergartens, social centers or public libraries.

To donate, you can send the equipment directly to the ETI PC headquarters in Bucharest, Latina street no. 6. For more details, you can contact the ETI PC team directly at email , phone 0769 491 767.

We believe in the power of digital education to change lives and are grateful for your support!

About Green eDIH: Green Digital Innovation HUB is an ecosystem dedicated to innovation and sustainable digital development in Romania, offering support for projects and initiatives that promote green digital solutions.


About ETI PC: The ETI PC Association is a non-profit organization that promotes digital inclusion and the development of digital skills among socio-economically disadvantaged children and young people in Romania.

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