Green eDIH

acts as a catalyst that brings together academy, private companies, central and local authorities and investors to make green digital transformation a reality

Our Programs

The Digital Platform

GreenTech Network

The Networking Node virtual Coordinator who facilitates the creation of collaboration networks between public institutions, universities, research organizations, industry and SMEs and connects all of these entities to the eDIH European network and to any other collaboration network and intense know-how transfer at european and international level.

The Digital Program

greentech policy

Dedicated program that provides access to Tech Legal information, European policies, European and international standards for legislative alignment. The program involves consulting on the policy of private investment funds.

It is the program dedicated to the drafting of all policies and standards that can facilitate the implementation of innovative ideas in order to develop the real innovation and research-development infrastructure that will help Romania to reduce the gap between its performance and the average of all the other European countries.

The Digital Platform

GreenTech ARENA

The virtual coordinator of all public and private entities, which ensures the consultancy and the access to the non-refundable european funding, to the private investment funds and to the Crowdfunding financing model for developing a real inovation and research-development infrastructure which will stimulate the entrepreneurs from Romania.

The Digital Program

greentech PROJECTS

The support program dedicated to all of the steps for the development of the national projects, in which all the superstructure actors can concatenate intelectual and material resources for the development of High Tech projects using state-of-the-art technology.

A good example can be Next Generation Communication (5G – IoT – Satellite) or the development and implementation of the Smart City concept or ITS at european standars.

The Digital Platform


The virtual coordinator of all public and private academic entities with the purpose of training programs development for future’s Digital Jobs and for the creation of digital skills for sustaining the evolution towards Europe.