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Green eDIH acts as a catalyst to make green digital transformation a new reality.

Green eDIH promote specific activities regarding the digitalization through sustainable green technologies

Green eDIH

aims to create an effective collaboration between institutions, government agencies, private companies, educational institutions, NGOs, communities and micro-communities 

Modern and efficient

GreenTech Academy Digital Platform

Business Coach

Green eDIH experts provide assistance and guidance to entrepreneurs in running a business, helping them clarify their business vision and how it fits into their long-term goals. Business coaching is a process used to take a business from where it is now to where the business owner wants it to be.


Green eDIH offers training and personal development services through the GreenTech Academy platform that covers over 50 areas and technologies.

GreenTech Arena Digital Platform

Access to funding opportunities

Green eDIH facilitates access to funding sources for innovative projects by providing an ideal mix of funding models, such as European non-reimbursable funds, private equity funds, and crowdfunding.


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GreenTech Network Digital Platform

Promotion Green Technologies

During the events organized by Green eDIH, the latest green technologies in the field will be promoted among members, partners, companies, universities, local and central authorities.

Digital Marketing

Green eDIH will promote successful innovative projects and ideas, both on the official website of the Hub and in the events, it will organize, to increase the visibility of companies that have received support from Green eDIH.

GreenTech Network

Facilitates the creation of collaboration networks between public institutions, universities, research organizations, industry, and SMEs and connects these entities to the European eDIH network and any other type of collaboration network and intensive know-how transfer at European and international.

GreenTech Projects Digital Platform

technical consulting services to SMEs

Green eDIH offers technical consulting services to SMEs wishing to develop green (eco-friendly) technologies in the following key areas: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Transportation System, High-Performance Computing, Smart City, Digitization, Cyber Security, Big Data, Aeronautical Research.

Innovation support and consulting

Green eDIH offers innovation support and consulting services for companies, in order to develop new innovative products and services.

Research and development services

Green eDIH offers research and development services in key areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Transportation System, High-Performance Computing, Smart City, Digitization, Cyber Security, Big Data, Aeronautical Research.

Test before investing

Green eDIH offers access to technical expertise and experimentation, so that all those interested can “test before investing”.


Green eDIH facilitates the development of partnerships to promote collaboration in research and development and innovation projects to increase the competitiveness of SMEs and to develop new innovative products/services.



GreenTech Policy Digital Platform

GreenTech Policy Program

Dedicated program for consulting and access to Tech Legal information, European policies, legislative alignment with the most used and proven European and international standards and policies, facilitating consulting on private investment fund policy and the engine of promotion and legalization in Romania of the “Crowd Funding” model which will also include Test before Invest, dual education, and the Public-Private Partnership as it should work after the harmonization of legislation in this field.
Program dedicated to aligning all policies and standards that can facilitate the implementation of innovative ideas to develop a real innovation and research and development infrastructure that will help Romania to shorten the gap with the average of European countries.

Transfer of know-how and technology

Green eDIH offers technology and know-how transfer services