If there is a Future, it will be Green

Green eDIH

We represent a vitural ecosystem one-stop-shop for organisations that proposes to become more competitile and more adapted to modern econimics, through the process, the products or the services that are using digital technologies.

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At Green eDIH

We ensure the support and the easy transition to retechnologization and digital innovation, for small and large companies in any industry.

We aim to create an effective collaboration between institutions, government agencies, private companies, educational institutions, NGOs, communities and micro-communities.

Mission Green eDIH

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption and advancement of green technology solutions that address critical environmental challenges.

We strive to foster innovation, collaboration, and knowledge exchange to create a positive impact on the planet.

Vision Green eDIH

At Green eDIH, we envision a future where sustainable technologies are central to shaping a greener and more resilient world.

We believe that by harnessing the power of innovation and collaboration, we can create sustainable solutions that drive economic growth, preserve the environment, and improve the quality of life for all.

Values Green eDIH

We are guided by a set of core values that define our approach and actions:

  • Sustainability: we are committed to promoting and practicing sustainability in all aspects of our work.
  • Innovation: we embrace and encourage innovation as a catalyst for positive change.
  • Collaboration: we believe collaboration is essential to tackle complex environmental challenges effectively.
  •  Excellence: we strive for excellence in everything we do, maintaining high standards and continuously seeking improvement.

Green eDIH Services

Digital Maturity Assessment

We comprehensively review your existing hardware, software, networks, and digital tools. This isn’t just about functionality; it’s about aligning these resources with your ambitions in Green Tech and sustainability. By optimizing your digital infrastructure, you’re taking tangible steps toward a more sustainable future.

Our assessment delves into the skill sets and technological capacities across all departments. Why? Because proficiency in Green Tech and sustainability isn’t just an aspiration; it’s a collective effort. We aim to empower your teams with the skills to drive innovation and sustainability across the organization.

Identifying discrepancies and vulnerabilities is pivotal. We bridge the gap between your existing capabilities and industry standards. This helps understand where improvements are needed to enhance efficiency within innovation, Green Tech, and sustainability, ultimately mitigating risks.

Our recommendations are tailor-made to address the identified gaps. We provide a strategic roadmap, a practical guide, not just theories, to fortify your digital capabilities. This roadmap propels you toward innovation and sustainability milestones while ensuring alignment with industry best practices.

Detailed plans are great, but execution and monitoring are vital. We deliver actionable plans for implementing proposed changes but don’t stop there. We consistently monitor progress and adapt strategies to evolving technological landscapes. We firmly emphasize fostering innovation, Green Tech, and sustainability, all while incorporating your valuable feedback.


Our assessment delves into your business and operational practices, meticulously evaluating their ecological footprints and sustainability impact. It’s not just about identifying these impacts; it’s about addressing them to create a more sustainable future.
We conduct a comparative analysis to showcase how your existing policies align with industry standards or best practices in driving innovation within Green Tech and sustainability. Aligning policies isn’t just a checklist; it’s a pathway to fostering an environment that promotes innovative sustainability initiatives.
Ever wondered how much more sustainable your products or services could be? Our assessment highlights the potential for heightened sustainability by considering changes in requirements. This isn’t just about incremental changes; it’s about innovation in Green Tech driving transformative sustainability enhancements.
When considering changes, understanding their potential impact is crucial. We offer a comprehensive analysis showcasing how alterations might affect various sustainability aspects. These detailed insights clearly explain the changes’ feasibility and probable outcomes within the context of innovation and Green Tech.

Outcomes matter. That’s why we meticulously document the findings from environmental impact evaluations, policy reviews, and analyses of requirement changes. This documentation isn’t just a report; it’s a roadmap toward aligning your business with innovative sustainability practices in Green Tech.


Elevate your brand with strategies highlighting your offerings’ sustainable and green facets. It’s not just about marketing; it’s about spotlighting your commitment to innovation in Green Tech and sustainability, captivating your audience with purpose.
Your sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly practices deserve the spotlight. Through deliberate and impactful content creation, we ensure that your commitment to sustainability is at the forefront. This isn’t just content; it’s a narrative that echoes your dedication to innovation in Green Tech and sustainability.
Sometimes, visuals speak louder than words. We craft visually engaging stories that vividly demonstrate how your digital capabilities significantly contribute to ecological sustainability. These stories aren’t just pictures; they reflect your innovation in Green Tech and sustainability.
Your dedication to sustainability should be evident in every message. We help you craft a narrative that consistently reflects your commitment to sustainability. Curating content that educates and inspires others on sustainable practices, this narrative isn’t just communication; it’s a movement toward innovation in Green Tech.

Amplify your impact by joining forces. We facilitate collaborations among our members to enhance the messaging and impact of sustainable initiatives. It’s not just about individual efforts; it’s about collective innovation in Green Tech and sustainability that leaves a lasting mark.


Within the Green Tech community, the hub actively encourages and supports collaborations, catalyzing idea exchange and creating strategic partnerships. By emphasizing innovation and sustainability in Green Tech, it seeks to foster a collaborative environment where groundbreaking solutions are nurtured and developed.
The hub hosts engaging events like webinars, workshops, and educational sessions to ensure continuous growth and skill development. These sessions are tailored to center around innovation in Green Tech and sustainability, fostering an environment where members can expand their knowledge and expertise.
Members are given an exclusive platform to showcase their pioneering Green Tech projects, initiatives, and success stories. This dedicated space amplifies the spotlight on innovation in Green Tech and sustainability, allowing members to share their breakthroughs and inspire others within the community.
The hub is a treasure trove of resources dedicated to Green Tech and sustainability. Members gain access to a wide array of research papers, case studies, best practices, and industry insights. This comprehensive collection aims to inspire innovative thinking in Green Tech by providing a wellspring of information and successful models.
As part of the hub’s commitment to nurturing innovation, it provides direct access to a network of specialists and mentors well-versed in Green Tech. Members can tap into this wealth of expertise to receive guidance and mentorship, enhancing their understanding and execution of innovative strategies in Green Tech and sustainability.


The hub identifies lucrative international markets through meticulous research and comprehensive analysis and conducts competitor assessments within these markets. This strategic approach emphasizes innovation in Green Tech and sustainability, enabling prospective members to enter these markets armed with informed strategies.
The hub provides tailored strategies and regulatory guidance for foreign companies eyeing the Romanian market. These insights assist in navigating the complexities of the Romanian market, focusing on innovation in Green Tech and sustainability to ensure a smooth and successful entry.
Supporting Romanian companies in their global expansion efforts, the hub crafts customized strategies and offers regulatory guidance to enter new international markets. This specialized support underscores the importance of innovation in Green Tech and sustainability, facilitating a seamless transition into global markets.
A pivotal service for fostering collaborations, the hub facilitates connections among startups, businesses, and investors, creating opportunities for potential partnerships. Networking events are organized to unite like-minded individuals and entities, offering insights rooted in industry best practices and highlighting the significance of innovation in Green Tech and sustainability.

Recognizing the importance of financial backing, the hub assists in establishing connections with international investors or funding bodies. This dedicated support focuses on supporting ventures that align with innovation in Green Tech and sustainability, ensuring members have access to the necessary resources for their sustainable initiatives.


At the core of collaboration, this service establishes connections among various stakeholders, including project owners, innovators, investors, and other key players. It facilitates the creation of partnerships and collaborative opportunities centered around innovation in Green Tech and sustainability. By fostering such connections, prospective members can access a network that can catalyze their sustainable initiatives.

This service aims to empower collaborative efforts and knowledge exchange among members. By encouraging joint projects, the hub accelerates innovation in Green Technologies. Members can share expertise, resources, and ideas to collectively drive impactful initiatives in sustainability and Green Tech, fostering a community committed to positive change.

For those seeking funding, the hub provides connections to specialized funding programs and venture capital opportunities tailored specifically for Green Tech ventures. These connections offer prospective members access to financial resources that align with their innovative initiatives in sustainability.
Accessing European funds strategically can be challenging. This service offers tailored guidance to navigate this complex landscape effectively. By providing strategic guidance and resources, the hub assists members in securing European funds specifically earmarked for innovation in Green Tech and sustainability.
Developing business plans and securing private investments is crucial for sustainable ventures. The hub supports developing robust business plans and connecting with potential private investors. This guidance and assistance ensure that members can secure private investments aligned with their innovative endeavors in sustainability and Green Tech.

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