Green eDIH aims to ensure the support and the easy transition to retechnologization and digital innovation,for small and large companies in any industry

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The mission of Green eDIH is to create a bridge between the current digitalization needs of the regional industry and the eco-friendly solutions

Green Digital Innovation



In the context of the new Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027, the European Commission has proposed a new funding program, dedicated exclusively to supporting the digital transformation of the European economy and society.

The Digital Europe program aims to improve the EU’s international competitiveness through significant investments in the development of the Union’s strategic capabilities, supporting the development of key areas such as artificial intelligence, high-performance computing (HPC), cyber security, advanced digital skills, digitalization of public administration and interoperability.

The role of European Digital Innovation Hubs (eDIH) is to ensure that innovative digital solutions, based on new technologies, are integrated into the day-to-day business of companies and public administrations. Thus, digital innovation centers offer the possibility to experiment and test these technologies, in order to implement them according to the specific needs of the field of activity of each company or public institution.

European Digital Innovation Hubs (eDIH) provide access to technical expertise and experimentation so that those interested can “test before investing”. It also provides innovation services, funding consulting, training and skills development for a successful digital transformation.


The values that mark the way in which Green eDIH operates are:

  • Green Technology is not a goal, it is a Standard that must be implemented.
  • INDUSTRY-LEADING INNOVATION is not an Objective, it is the intrinsic essence that was the basis of the entire digital construction. We do not promote innovation, we create it at a high-standard level.
  • TRANSPARENCY in COLLABORATION is the key to any association, but the essence is the continuous and constant flow of informational and decision-making visibility. That is, we will replace the classic Reporting
  • In us, we TRUST– each piece of the Digital Green eDIH Puzzle is a unique and equivalent valuable entity that blends organically and fluidly into the digital ecosystem.
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