Mapping the Path to Smarter EV Charging

Welcome to ChargeConnect, an innovative project revolutionizing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Managed by Green eDIH and executed by BPA Target, one of our esteemed founding members, ChargeConnect tackles key challenges in EV charging interoperability and usability.

Selected and financed through the IMPETUS 2nd Joint Open Call, ChargeConnect aligns with the “Sustainable Lifestyles” challenge. Successful applicants, including BPA Target, receive a kickstarting grant, along with mentoring and training support for seven months. This empowers BPA Target to utilize a joint expertise in improving EV charging infrastructure, driving sustainable transportation solutions, and fostering innovation in the EV charging sector.

Project Overview

ChargeConnect is dedicated to revolutionizing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure by harnessing the power of citizen science and advancing standardization efforts. Our project addresses the pressing challenges of interoperability and usability in EV charging stations through an extensive research initiative. 

By engaging EV owners and collaborating with key stakeholders, ChargeConnect will evaluate the current interoperability landscape, analyze user experiences, and pinpoint opportunities for enhancement. The data and insights gathered will guide industry stakeholders, policymakers, and standardization bodies in improving the usability and accessibility of EV charging stations, fostering a more seamless and user-friendly charging experience.

Research Question

To what extent do interoperability and standardization of charging protocols impact the usability and accessibility of EV charging stations, and how can standardization efforts be improved to provide a more seamless charging experience?

Unique Approach

ChargeConnect stands out with its innovative use of citizen science, comprehensive focus on both interoperability and usability, and commitment to standardization. Unlike traditional research methods, we actively involve EV owners as citizen scientists, empowering them to provide valuable insights and fostering community engagement. Our holistic approach addresses both interoperability and usability, offering unique insights into EV charging experiences. We also advocate for standardization in line with EU regulations and collaborate with stakeholders to drive industry progress. Ethical considerations and stakeholder collaboration are central to our project, promoting inclusive problem-solving and knowledge sharing.

Geographic Focus

ChargeConnect will focus on regions aligned with the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), particularly in Romania. Key cities such as Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, and Constanța, which are integral to Romania’s growing EV infrastructure, will be the primary areas of study.

Key Stakeholders

Participating in IMPETUS offers funding support and invaluable networking opportunities, collaboration, expertise, visibility, and capacity building. IMPETUS facilitates collaboration with other projects, fosters knowledge exchange, and amplifies our visibility within the research community and industry, ultimately strengthening our ability to attract additional funding and support in the future. 

Through collaboration with EV owners, stakeholders, and policymakers, ChargeConnect gathers diverse data to inform industry standards and regulations. By leveraging citizen science and supporting standardization efforts, ChargeConnect aims to promote widespread adoption of sustainable transportation solutions, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and enhance urban air quality.

The stakeholders of ChargeConnect project are:

Through workshops, and training sessions, we can enhance our skills, knowledge, and capabilities, ensuring the success and sustainability of our project in addressing complex societal challenges more effectively. Thus, our project fosters dialogue, knowledge sharing, and collective problem-solving, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

How it Works?

The ChargeConnect project aims to gather diverse data types, including user experiences with EV charging stations, interoperability information, and accessibility data. Outputs include geotagged data, visual evidence, survey responses, and analytical insights. Certain outputs and datasets will be openly available to the public, researchers, and stakeholders. These may include aggregated datasets, comprehensive reports, interactive visualizations, and recommendations disseminated through various channels to advance research objectives and promote stakeholder engagement.

We share specific outputs and datasets with the public, researchers, and stakeholders to ensure transparency and facilitate collaboration. These include aggregated and anonymized datasets on EV charging experiences, interoperability issues, and accessibility challenges accessible through open data platforms or project websites. Interactive visualizations and dashboards will be created to present key insights and trends from the collected data, allowing stakeholders to explore and interact with the findings easily. Furthermore, educational materials, infographics, and outreach materials summarizing project outcomes will be developed to raise awareness and promote understanding of EV charging issues among the general public and stakeholders.

Green eDIH Management Support

ChargeConnect is supported by Green eDIH, which provides strategic management and technical support to enhance the project’s impact and reach.

Green eDIH will assist in the following areas:

Green eDIH’s involvement ensures that ChargeConnect is equipped with the necessary resources, expertise, and industry connections to achieve its goals and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of EV charging infrastructure.

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